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Here’s an excellent one hour conversation between Stephen Sondheim and Adam Guettel, filmed in Sondheim’s Turtle Bay townhouse on E. 49th Street. Aside from getting to see the very nice interiors of Sondheim’s long-time NYC abode you get to hear more from Sondheim than the usual anecdotes, though you’ll get

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Above is another trailer for Filmex, this one from 1971 (scroll down to see the ’72 trailer I posted yesterday). Filmex was a dramatically cool LA event of the 70s and, according to a comment left by the AFI fest (who posted the video) it was then ‘the largest film

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In 1971 Los Angeles became host to its own hometown film festival called Filmex. When I was a kid growing up in LA the posters hung around town in advance of Filmex were, to me, like announcements that the circus was coming to town (even though I didn’t care for

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Dig the above footage of a remarkably clean and spiffy WIlshire Blvd. shot on the above date. We’re in mid-city and will pass by a number of landmarks, chief among them the Art Deco May Company building which has finally been refurbished and is now the newly opened Academy Museum.

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HOLLYWOOD PREMIERS OF 1929 Dig the above footage, courtesy of UCLA Film and Television Archive, of two movie premieres that took place in the calendar year of 1929, ‘The Divine Lady’ and ‘Broadway Melody’. The latter was MGM’s first major talkie–it won the Best Picture Oscar though in retrospect I think most current

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NYC IN THE 1940s

A Youtube artist (and I mean ARTIST) named NASS specializes in taking old documentary footage of New York City and Los Angeles and revitalizing them (footage shot, for the most part, to serve as rear-projection plates for movies–you know, the backgrounds of driving scenes where you can tell the actors

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I first met Burt Young (aka ‘Paulie’) in 2012 when I convinced him to do a small but vital role in my movie ‘Rob The Mob’. I won’t go into the whole adventure of meeting this extraordinary man and the friendship that developed and has evolved over the years. That

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Here’s a documentary that I never knew about. ‘Last Of The Independents’ is an hour-long doc on director Don Siegel (‘Dirty Harry’, ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’ etc.) which features a long interview with Siegel himself. This alone makes it an interesting find as Siegel was not a particularly visible

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The glut of shows–series, limited series, Netflix/Amazon/Hulu series–that are streaming on your 60 inch screens, your computers, your iPads, your phones, your watches–are frankly too much for me to deal with. The chore of watching the amount of material that one is told (by friends and the New York Times)

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This post marks the return of my 14 year old weblog (much nicer word than the tired, early 21st century sounding ‘blog’) ‘Movies Til Dawn’, a collection of writings about videos (all provided via Youtube, natch) of all things film/music/junk culture-centric. Thanks to the lame-ass folks at Blogger, the site

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Here's a hugely entertaining and informative conversation between Stephen Sondheim and Adam Guettel, shot in Sondheim's NYC townhouse. The final anecdote about Oscar Hammerstein could make a stone cry. #broadwayisback #musicaltheatre

Another Filmex trailer, this one from 1971. The whole aura of Filmex and its place in LA film culture is, for me, wrapped up in the era of the USC crowd meeting the Beverly Hills retirees-Lang, Cukor, Hitchcock, Mamoulian etc. Pot smokers v. cigar smokers.

Does anyone remember 'Filmex', LA's very own 1970s film festival? If not see the below trailer from the '72 fest. And if you do remember it anyway. You'll feel all warm and cuddly. #FilmFestival #FilmTwitter #TCM

@ReelRDEF discusses with Adell Aldrich, the first woman to direct a network movie of the week, the details of her work in this special-edition guest episode of XCU: The Viewfinder that you can listen to here:

#film #filmpioneer #audiodrama #moviestildawn

Take a drive along a remarkably spiffy Wilshire Blvd. on August 1st 1951. All will be explained when you go to my new blogpost below and enjoy a 10 minute respite from your day. #Hollywood #LosAngelesCL #academymuseum

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