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Cafe Society – The Return

And now, after a decade of keeping it locked in a dark vault as if it were the mutant child of a royal family, Showtime is bringing back my first feature, “Cafe Society”. It will air this Sunday evening at ten pm. Is that time Eastern or Pacific? I don’t

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In 'As Time Goes By' we are told 'woman needs man and man must have his mate THAT NO ONE CAN DENY'. But is it the specific mate that cannot be denied or the general concept about man needing his mate that can't be denied? I've never been clear on this. Anyone? #cinema #TCMParty

I just discovered this hour-long doc on Don Siegel, featuring a long interview with the man himself. "I find directing very boring, dull...I don't like it" are among some of his more joyous pronouncements. Well worth a watch. #FilmTwitter #Filmmaker #TCM

Old Hollywood studios always had a 'ranch'--land somewhere in LA where they shot their westerns, outdoor stuff etc. Hal Roach's was in a neighborhood called Beverlywood which is near West LA. Dig these before/after views. #Cinema #LosAngeles #TCMParty

Old school NYC brownstone mailbox. I love when stuff like this remains untouched for decades. Perhaps even a century.

Dig this clip of Nicholas Ray talking about the ending of 'In A Lonely Place' and how it came about. He sure does smoke a good cigarette.#FilmNoir #FilmTwitter

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