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Longtime readers of this blog know by now that I have a complete lack of self-consciousness about self-promotion (a quality, I hasten to add, that can almost always be found in a show-biz kid). So it is with no humility whatsoever that I announce that the Directors Guild of America

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BERNIE MADOFF’S STUPID 80s BEACH HOUSE Our investigation of Bernie Madoff’s real estate portfolio continues with a not very thorough examination of his Montauk Long Island beach house. Built in the early 80s, it is every bit as depressing as the one we used in the movie–high ceilings ruined by bad galleries, formica counters, faux-stone

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You’d never know it from the puzzlingly different reports from different news orgs, but it turns out that our “Madoff” miniseries kicked some serious ass on its last night. As this is my first venture into TV, I’m learning a few things; namely that the news gets reported based on

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DIRECTORS DRINKING BOOZE Sometimes it’s nice to give a blog a month off. Unfortunately, the silence of the past month was an inadvertent one–I’ve been directing the Bernie Madoff mini-series for ABC, an event that normally I would have blogged to death. For reasons that are a bit murky and not really

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Here's a hugely entertaining and informative conversation between Stephen Sondheim and Adam Guettel, shot in Sondheim's NYC townhouse. The final anecdote about Oscar Hammerstein could make a stone cry. #broadwayisback #musicaltheatre

Another Filmex trailer, this one from 1971. The whole aura of Filmex and its place in LA film culture is, for me, wrapped up in the era of the USC crowd meeting the Beverly Hills retirees-Lang, Cukor, Hitchcock, Mamoulian etc. Pot smokers v. cigar smokers.

Does anyone remember 'Filmex', LA's very own 1970s film festival? If not see the below trailer from the '72 fest. And if you do remember it anyway. You'll feel all warm and cuddly. #FilmFestival #FilmTwitter #TCM

@ReelRDEF discusses with Adell Aldrich, the first woman to direct a network movie of the week, the details of her work in this special-edition guest episode of XCU: The Viewfinder that you can listen to here:

#film #filmpioneer #audiodrama #moviestildawn

Take a drive along a remarkably spiffy Wilshire Blvd. on August 1st 1951. All will be explained when you go to my new blogpost below and enjoy a 10 minute respite from your day. #Hollywood #LosAngelesCL #academymuseum

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