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“Tis Autumn…” has opened!

My film, “Tis Autumn: The Search For Jackie Paris”, has officially opened in LA, for its one-week Oscar qualifying run. Anyone interested in seeing the film on the big screen, projected on 35mm (yes, even though its a digitally shot low-budget documentary, we’ve gone to the trouble of film-outing to

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My Friend Hates Me

My producer, and dear friend, David Zellerford, has grown to hate me and this film like a disease that wont go into remission but also wont get worse. Every moment of this last few months of finishing is torture for him and me. But especially for him. Largely this has

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A great sigh of relief as a week of uncertainty comes to a positive-ish close. “Ish”, by the way, is a very important trio of letters in show business. Things are always happening–until they’re not. Or perhaps they’re happening again. Never say never. Never give up. We’re shooting/releasing/whatevering September-ish. Which

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Beginnings of “Tis Autumn…”

So now we have a plan for our documentary. “Tis Autumn: The Search For Jackie Paris” will be released theatrically by Outsider Pictures in New York. The date currently hovers around early October. That we are being exhibited in a good old fashioned theater for a week (or more?) neatly

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Strange moment in the lyric of 'New York New York'. At the end the narrator says: 'If I can make it there I'll make it anywhere' but then shifts the burden of responsibility to the city:'It's up to YOU, New York New York', thereby evading responsibility for his potential failure.

In 'As Time Goes By' we are told 'woman needs man and man must have his mate THAT NO ONE CAN DENY'. But is it the specific mate that cannot be denied or the general concept about man needing his mate that can't be denied? I've never been clear on this. Anyone? #cinema #TCMParty

I just discovered this hour-long doc on Don Siegel, featuring a long interview with the man himself. "I find directing very boring, dull...I don't like it" are among some of his more joyous pronouncements. Well worth a watch. #FilmTwitter #Filmmaker #TCM

Old Hollywood studios always had a 'ranch'--land somewhere in LA where they shot their westerns, outdoor stuff etc. Hal Roach's was in a neighborhood called Beverlywood which is near West LA. Dig these before/after views. #Cinema #LosAngeles #TCMParty

Old school NYC brownstone mailbox. I love when stuff like this remains untouched for decades. Perhaps even a century.

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