As explained in the previous blog entry, my new podcast ‘Movies Til Dawn’ has finally launched. The show is a series of in-depth conversations between me and a variety of legendary, accomplished and always fascinating directors/actors/producers. The first two episodes are two-part interviews, one with Andy Garcia and one with the late John G. Avildsen (‘Rocky’, ‘The Karate Kid’, ‘Lean On Me’). You can listen by going to Once there, you’ll find the episodes embedded on the site. Or if you prefer to listen via your favorite podcast platform/supplier/app/whatever just go to ‘Subscribe’ and you’ll be given a list of many glorious options. You may be a Stitcher person, an Apple Podcasts guy, a Soundcloud girl, a Spotify sort, a Tune In type or a Youtube…whatever. Or maybe you don’t really have time to listen to another podcast, in which case forget about the whole thing.

But I think you’ll enjoy this new and enjoyable use of my phone book (still leather, non-electronic) in which I’ve accumulated the names/phone numbers/e-mails of a lot of filmmaking greats who I admire and whom I’ve badgered into participating in this venture.

This blog will now exist as a ‘support’ to the podcast. I’ll be posting videos of the subjects of the interviews, beginning right now. See below for a series of clips from the work of Andy Garcia and John G. Avildsen. Enjoy!

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Here’s Andy Garcia and Cher discussing their work together on ‘Mamma Mia 2’.



Here’s Andy and his daughter Donimik Garcia-Lorida discussing working with each other in my movie ‘City Island’.



Here’s a clip from Andy’s movie ‘The Lost City’ which he starred in as well as directed and which we discuss at length in the podcast. And below that, a clip from his breakout role in ‘The Godfather 3″.



And now for John Avildsen. Here’s John winning the best Director Oscar for ‘Rocky’.




Here’s a clip from 1974s ‘Save The Tiger’ featuring Jack Lemmon’s searing Oscar-winning performance.



And finally perhaps Avildsen’s most beloved scene from 1985s ‘The Karate Kid’.


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