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Film leader is a length of film attached to the head or tail of a film reel to assist in threading a projector. The leader attached to the head of the reel is called ‘head leader’ (or sometimes simply ‘head’) and a leader attached to the end of the the

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Watch this extraordinary instructional video of an extraordinary machine, the 1931 RCA VICTOR RADIOLA AUTOMATIC ELECTROLA. Designed to allow listeners to listen to up to thirty minutes of music at a time instead of having to get up and flip their 78rpm record every three minutes, the machine retailed for

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L.A. IN THE 70s

Here’s four minutes of the Los Angeles I grew up in, circa 1975. Perhaps the strangest thing here is the lack of SUV’s on the road. Otherwise it’s pretty much the same LA–bland, ugly and weirdly seductive–that it is today, only quite a bit emptier.

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Vegas, ’47

The Youtuber bluntly known as ‘Vintage Las Vegas’ has posted a very cool 2 minutes of home movie-ish footage of a long dead Las Vegas. Shot in 1947, this is a lush and low-key Vegas, a western outpost, very much Bugsy Siegel’s frontier town. Does any of this even look

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These twelve minute segments of Edward R. Murrow’s ‘Person To Person’ are a great way to fill some work-avoidance time on Youtube without getting too in-the-weeds and losing half a day. Part of the reason is their short duration but part of it is also the boredom factor. They work

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Dig this 1957 appearance of Tyrone Power on ‘Person To Person’, Edward R. Murrow’s fluff entertainment show which featured interviews via coast-to-coast hook-up with various and sundry celebs. For me these shows are of real scholarly value. Not because of the content of the interviews but because we get to

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VEGAS 1960

Dig two minutes of home movie footage showing an almost unrecognizable Las Vegas in August of 1960. Or is it actually 1958? I don’t know Vegas well–two of my three trips there were disastrous in multiple ways–but an erudite and Vegas-hip youtube poster–the aptly named ‘Vintage Las Vegas’– offered some

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Here’s an excellent one hour conversation between Stephen Sondheim and Adam Guettel, filmed in Sondheim’s Turtle Bay townhouse on E. 49th Street. Aside from getting to see the very nice interiors of Sondheim’s long-time NYC abode you get to hear more from Sondheim than the usual anecdotes, though you’ll get

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Above is another trailer for Filmex, this one from 1971 (scroll down to see the ’72 trailer I posted yesterday). Filmex was a dramatically cool LA event of the 70s and, according to a comment left by the AFI fest (who posted the video) it was then ‘the largest film

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In 1971 Los Angeles became host to its own hometown film festival called Filmex. When I was a kid growing up in LA the posters hung around town in advance of Filmex were, to me, like announcements that the circus was coming to town (even though I didn’t care for

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Take a ride down the Sunset Strip in 1963 and enjoy the cool cars and the already sickening smog. My favorite liquor store, Gil Turner's, was already in business. #HollywoodHills #LosAngeles

Take a trip down the Sunset Strip, heading east and facing south, in 1967. I can smell the rib joint that was on the SE corner of Crescent Heights. Anyone know what I'm referring too? #SunsetStrip317 #Hollywood #LosAngeles #60s

What do Duke Ellington and Cinerama have in common? Find out in this quite fascinating (if I do say so myself) blog entry that I wrote in--yikes--2007. It includes the incredibly strange and beautiful short 'Symphony In Black'. #Jazz #TCM #Cinema

Dig Rick Moranis doing his wicked Merv Griffin impression in this sketch from the immortal SCTV NBC late night show of the early 80s. Guest appearances by Liberace, Loni Anderson and Yasser Arafat. #television #comedy #Mimicry

I had no idea that Merv Griffin interviewed Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on his show in 1967? Did you? A must-watch clip. #television #ClassicTV #MLKDay #MLK #BlackLivesMatter

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