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JERRY LEWIS–ECCENTRIC DANCER? The words ‘restraint’ and ‘Jerry Lewis’ (and I consider his name a word, not a name) don’t usually go together. But one of the most striking things about this famous clip from ‘The Nutty Professor’ is how this dance manages to be out-of-control but in exactly the way that

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Yesterday I posted the extraordinarily strange acrobatic comedy diving-board routine of Larry Griswold. It occurred to me that, beyond the athleticism involved in Griswold’s act, there was a comic style to the movements, all of which were clearly choreographed. I believe that it’s based on the wonderful and long-forgotten art

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Did you know that #moviestar Dustin Hoffman drinks Caffe Vergnano and was well paid to do so? Proof: #actor #movies #FilmTwitter

The VW Fastback was the dopiest #car Volkswagen ever made and this #vintage Dustin Hoffman #TV #Commercial for it somehow makes that okay. #tvtime

Dustin Hoffman (or is it Benjamin Braddock?) enthusiastically sells the ludicrous 1969 #VW Fastback in this classic #Television #Commercial. #TCMParty #actors

Dig W.C.Fields lovely digs in Laughlin Park which was for sale last year. #Hollywood #LosAngelesHomes #TCMParty

Have you ever seen W.C. Fields incredible Juggling act? You haven't? Well, the best five minutes of your day await you! #comedy #Circus #FilmTwitter #TCM

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