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Here’s a three minute video containing about twenty or so TV production company logos from the 1960s and ’70s (with a little bit of 50’s and 80s spillover). The intended effect of logo watching tends toward the nostalgic–they really do bring your television watching of the past back to you.

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Dig W.C.Fields lovely digs in Laughlin Park which was for sale last year. #Hollywood #LosAngelesHomes #TCMParty

Have you ever seen W.C. Fields incredible Juggling act? You haven't? Well, the best five minutes of your day await you! #comedy #Circus #FilmTwitter #TCM

Moe Howard gets dunked in a bath of rubber and floats to the ceiling in 'Dizzy Pilots' (1943). It's easier to see it than explain it. #FilmTwitter #TCMParty #comedy

'Dizzy Pilots' (1943) is this mornings Three Stooges #comedy treat (assuming you're that kind of person). #comedian #FilmTwitter #TCMParty

Dig this clip of W.C. Fields goofing around in his front yard in Great Neck, #LongIsland in 1928. #comedian #FilmTwitter #TCMParty

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