Two Family House

Written & Directed by Raymond De Felitta

Starring Michael Rispoli, Kelly Macdonald, Katherine Narducci & Kevin Conway

Released October 2000

Winner – Audience Award, Sundance 2000




“This rich romantic comedy, with its messages of love and tolerance and hope and its great old tunes, won the Audience Award at the Sundance Film Festival and seems destined to capture many more fans. Experience filmgoing joy.”

Lawrence Van Gelder

The New York Times

“A fairy tale that presents love as a case of mutual enchantment, ‘Two Family House” is not only uniformly well acted, superbly designed, lovingly lit and sensitively scored, it’s as romantic as it is funny. This deft and touching urban fable is like discovering a long-lost episode of ‘The Honeymooners’—the best New York movie Woody Allen never made.”

J. Hoberman

The Village Voice

“Raymond De Felitta has burst into the ranks of major movie-making talent with “Two Family House”. It’s the kind of small but amazing character study (think ‘Marty’) that film lovers yearn for while griping that this type of picture no longer gets made. Turns out it does.”

Carla Meyer

San Francisco Chronicle

“Brimming over with affection and humanity, this memory drama about the destruction of one family and the birth of another is nostalgic in a good sense: funny, bittersweet and poignant.”

Michael Wilmington

The Chicago Tribune

“Such a touching and effective film.”

Roger Ebert

“The charm and art of De Felitta’s gentle domestic sketch expands far beyond biographical borders. The director bathes a very specific time, place, class and ethnic experience—that of working class Italian-American New Yorkers on Staten Island in 1956—with a warm, clear light.”

Lisa Schwartzbaum

Entertainment Weekly


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