City Island

Directed by Raymond De Felitta

Starring Andy Garcia, Julianna Margulies, Steven Strait, Alan Arkin & Emily Mortimer

Released March 2010




“ ‘City Island’ is a warmly hilarious movie about family members and their secret hearts. Writer-director Raymond De Felitta tells his story modestly, but his gift for laughs laced with charm and bristling humanity is utterly irresistible.”

Peter Travers

Rolling Stone

“ ‘City Island’ is a treat for movie lovers everywhere—even if you’ve never heard of the community where it takes place. One could broadly describe it as a comedy—at times, it even plays like farce—but its humor doesn’t come from gags or funny lines of dialogue. It derives, instead, from the real recognizable emotions of a boisterous Italian-American family. That gives the film a solid emotional underpinning and makes watching it a rewarding experience.”

Leonard Maltin

Maltin on Movies

“De Felitta has a great feel for New York City’s further reaches and a very sure hand with actors. He also has the discipline necessary to pull off a farce like this one, where everyone’s dirty laundry gets hung out to dry in a climactic scream-fest.”

Lou Lumenick

The New York Post

“Another expertly written joyride through the confines of narrow-minded provincialism to cleansing self-awareness from De Felitta.”

“You needn’t have colorful Italian relatives to enjoy this boisterous and warm-hearted film, which sidesteps cliché while embracing the hope and love in loony dysfunctional families everywhere.”

Amy Biancolli

San Francisco Chronicle

“Raymond De Felitta’s ‘City Island’ is that rare thing; a populist movie that doesn’t condescend to either its characters or the audience. ‘City Island’ is heartfelt, funny, wonderfully crafted and it swings.”

Amy Taubin

Film Comment  


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