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Above I’ve posted a brief excerpt of an interview Orson Welles gave in 1958 after ostensibly seeing “Touch Of Evil” for the first time (at the Belgian World Film Festival no less) since the studio took the film away from him. This is Welles in his pre ”Oja Kodar/swinging 70s/move

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Behold the only striptease (sort of) performed by Cyd Charisse, from the opening credits of the Dean Martin Matt Helm spoof ‘The Silencers’ (Phil Karlson, 1966). Once again it’s Cyd dancing, not singing. Cyd’s voice seems to have always been dubbed–by India Adams in ‘The Bandwagon’ and Carol Richards in

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The above dance number from ‘Party Girl’ (1958, directed by Nicholas Ray) may be the most stunning display of the inimitable Cyd’s virtuosic grace mixed with astonishing athleticism–a combo that I don’t think I’ve ever seen surpassed–captured on film. As you can see from this weeks obsessive postings I’ve been

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I had no idea the above existed. It’s a dropped number from ‘The Bandwagon’ called ‘Two Faced Woman’ featuring Cyd. This is especially surprising given the fact that ‘The Bandwagon’ is far and away my favorite movie musical (I can’t remember who said this but I heartily concur: “Singing In

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MEL AND CARL AND THE 2000 YEAR OLD MAN Here’s an appearance from the Colgate Comedy Hour in 1967 of Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner doing their famous ‘2000 Year Old Man’ routine. This is a year before ‘The Producers’ was released and Mel was not yet the household name he was shortly to become. Rather he was

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What better way to start a week then with a robust dose of Cyd Charisse dancing up a storm in a clip from ‘It’s Always Fair Weather’. The less said about the actual song, a pugilistic-inspired piece of silliness called ‘Baby You Knock Me Out’, the better. It’s Cyd’s powerful

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” ‘Boy Meets Girl, Boy Loses Girl, Boy Gets Girl’. Or ‘Love will find a way, love never loses, put your money on love!’ “ For no particular reason I awoke this AM with the above snappy, oft-repeated refrain from 1938’s ‘Boy Meets Girl’ stuck in my head. It serves

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Enjoy a two-minute ad for the then brand-new 1977 IBM 5100, a fifty-pound computer that appears to have been invented to help people figure out what to do with their cows (you have to watch it). By the way: is she holding an I-Pad in that opening scene? Or, more

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K-TEL PRESENTS…CRAP! Did you know that K-Tel didn’t just put out junky record compilations but also created a series of crappy utilitarian household items? Dig the Omlette maker ad above–the thing can be separated to be two half-pans though to do so would be at your own risk since they clearly

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An excerpt from 1958 of a melancholy Orson Welles bemoaning the fate of 'Touch Of Evil' will give your day a somewhat depressing start--unless something else has gotten their first which these days is more than likely. #Filmmaker #FilmTwitter #TCMParty

Saturday morning cartoons was/is a grand childhood tradition. To that end enjoy Tex Avery's 1941 'Hollywood Steps Out'. #cartoons #TCMParty #animation #FilmTwitter

If you can't find anything to watch on your 5000 streaming services this weekend then blow them off and listen to my two-part interview with Mel Brooks on my Movies Til Dawn Podcast! You'll be glad you did...#comedy #Filmmaker #Filmmaking #TCM #ComedyGold

Dig the Cyd Charisse striptease (sort of) opening credits number from the Dean Martin/Matt Helm thingy 'The Silencers'. The lyrics may not reflect modern day standards for appropriateness so this may well be my last tweet. #FilmTwitter #TCMParty #Dance

Watch this astonishing Cyd Charisse dance number from Nicholas Ray's 'Party Girl' and enjoy the best four minutes of your day...or perhaps of your week...or month...or... #FilmTwitter #TCMParty #Dance #musicaltheatre

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