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Longtime readers of this blog know by now that I have a complete lack of self-consciousness about self-promotion (a quality, I hasten to add, that can almost always be found in a show-biz kid). So it is with no humility whatsoever that I announce that the Directors Guild of America

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BERNIE MADOFF’S STUPID 80s BEACH HOUSE Our investigation of Bernie Madoff’s real estate portfolio continues with a not very thorough examination of his Montauk Long Island beach house. Built in the early 80s, it is every bit as depressing as the one we used in the movie–high ceilings ruined by bad galleries, formica counters, faux-stone

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You’d never know it from the puzzlingly different reports from different news orgs, but it turns out that our “Madoff” miniseries kicked some serious ass on its last night. As this is my first venture into TV, I’m learning a few things; namely that the news gets reported based on

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DIRECTORS DRINKING BOOZE Sometimes it’s nice to give a blog a month off. Unfortunately, the silence of the past month was an inadvertent one–I’ve been directing the Bernie Madoff mini-series for ABC, an event that normally I would have blogged to death. For reasons that are a bit murky and not really

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'Fright Night', Shemp's first appearance with the Three Stooges (not really but that's a long story) awaits your viewing on our Saturday Morning Stoogefest. #Comedy #FilmTwitter

Check out the best dance number from a musical nobody really wants to see--Bob Fosse and Tommy Rall's amazing duet from 'My Sister Eileen' (1955). #FilmTwitter #Dance #TCM #musical

Dig this short but deeply period drive through the Greenwich Village of the 1970s, an era you simply can't make up. #NewYork #NewYorkCity #NewYorkForever #Documentary

Color footage of Greenwich Village in the 1940s is today's offering on our madcap journey through the history of that venerable neighborhood. #NewYork #NewYorkCity #NewYorkForever #Documentary

Some fab footage of Greenwich Village in the late 60s--back when the FBI raided Village clubs and not Florida bed-and-breakfasts--awaits your avid viewing. #NewYork #NewYorkCity #NewYorkForever #Documentary

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