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MARXIANA PT. 3–LILLIAN ROTH SINGS Most of what we know about Lillian Roth we know from Susan Hayward’s robust but depressing portrait of her in ‘I’ll Cry Tomorrow’, the screen bio of Roth’s tragic life based on her memoir. One of the first searingly honest portraits of an alcoholic’s descent, Roth’s book completely overshadowed

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This past week I’ve discovered a terrific podcast about the Marx Brothers called ‘The Marx Brothers Council Podcast’. Each episode is a witty, deep dive into one of their movies as well as other topics covered (such as the infamous ‘Marx Brothers Scrapbook’ as conceived and edited by the late Richard J. Anobile).

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FOSSE DANCES Here are two videos demonstrating Bob Fosse’s stratospheric performance talent, which was largely ignored or forgotten once his stratospheric choreographing and directing talent erupted for all to see. Though he began as a performer, Fosse, always super show-biz savvy, must have seen that he was never going to be

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This is pure YouTube at its best. Apparently knowing of my admiration for the opening sequence of ‘All That Jazz’ which I posted yesterday, YT dredged up this extraordinary seven minute reel of raw footage of Fosse directing that very sequence and greeted me with it this morning. It must

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‘ALL THAT JAZZ’: THE OPENING Behold the first six minutes of Bob Fosse’s 1979 ‘All That Jazz’, a paean to musical theater, dance, creativity, life and death. To my eyes, the film looks better and better over time but nothing beats the above sequence. Edited within an inch of its life, it tells in

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Dig this crazy/cool Fosse dance sequence from ‘Sweet Charity’. Set to the go-go-ized strains of ‘Big Spender, the dance known as ‘The Aloof’ is a masterful creation, Fosse at his most crypto-sexual and controlled, with a centerpiece dancer who is nothing short of phenomenal. (Who is she? Is she out

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DINO AT HOME: 1958 YouTube sure takes care of its regular users well. Indeed they resemble nothing so much as the neighborhood ‘pusher’, supplying me with the stuff they know I’ll shoot up hungrily upon first sight. Apropos of yesterday’s post in which I mentioned reading Nick Tosches superb bio of Dean Martin,

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I’ve been re-reading ‘Dino; Living High In The Dirty Business Of Dreams’, Nick Tosches’ majestic biography of Dean Martin. Calling it a bio of Dean, however, is reductive in the extreme; the book is a journey through the dark and relentless birth and progression of the American entertainment industry and

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K-TEL RECORDS; A MINI-HISTORY For those of you too young to remember K-Tel record commercials, they were ubiquitous and played so often that I can still recite some of the over-the-top sales pitches from memory. Above is a very nice video compilation of some of the best K-Tel commercials. Below is an excerpt

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To close out this week’s obsessive pursuit of the movie and event known as ‘Riot On Sunset Strip’ here’s the excellent opening credit sequence featuring The Standells singing the theme. Given that it’s the mid-60s, they sound admirably ahead of their time, performing with a kind of proto-punk vibe. See

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'Pardon My Scotch' (1935) is our Three Stooges Saturday offering. Moe's fall at 3:25--not a stunt double--is truly awesome. #comedy #Violence #SlapFighting #TCM #FilmTwitter #comics

Chico Marx plays championship #Bridge on a very strange 1960 #television show. Thanks to @MarxBrosPodcast for the excellent episode on Chico which inspired me to go in search of this gem. #comedian #TCMParty #cards

The Groucho Marx's are featured in a short #silent home #movie shot in #BeverlyHills in 1933. A very wistful and lovely glimpse of a #family and neighborhood now gone. #comedian #TCMParty #film

The lovely Lillian Roth (not Susan Hayward) sings 'Why Am I So Romantic?' from the Marx Brothers 'Animal Crackers'. It's the only non-Marx musical performance in one of their movies that doesn't piss me off. #movie #comedy #singer #TCMParty #musical

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