Yesterday we looked at some creepy silent footage shot the morning of Marilyn Monroe’s death at her house in Brentwood. Today we look at some equally creepy footage–but creepy for an entirely different reason. Apparently the house was offered up for sale in 2010 but for whatever reason didn’t sell–it appears whoever then owned the house more or less abandoned it. This led a mother and daughter to B&E the property and prowl the premises, happily recording their illegal trespass on the daughters I-Phone. Oddly its the child who is the voice of responsibility–from off camera we hear her increasingly worried and correctly fearful pleas to her mother to leave the premises–‘somebody lives here’ as she desperately points out. But mom is having none of it–she clearly spent a lifetime wanting to penetrate the walls of La Monroe’s sanctuary and she takes her sweet time examining the dilapidated premises. As I mentioned yesterday the house is currently the subject of local L.A. controversy–the owners seem to have a buyer for it (at a cool eight-million plus dollars) but a local conservancy has successfully blocked the sale, deeming the house to be of historic value.

Here’s a fine website which shows the house in before/after pics (the after pics taken when it was for sale in 2010). While I certainly like the house a lot more than the house that I’m sure will replace it, its hard to see what true historic value it offers–Monroe lived there for only six months before turning her toes up in the bedroom that hot August night in 1962. I have a friend who suggested a solution: allow the new owners to tear down the house and build a new one on the site, but preserve the bedroom where Marilyn either overdosed or was murdered and open it to the public since that’s the only room anyone truly wants to see. A tasteless but workable way to solve things I guess. Anyway, I won’t name my friend who thought of this ghastly solution. He knows who he is…


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  1. Lordy, Mom here is super-weird. Bad enough she has a classic case of morbid curiosity, running around the derelict yard as she snaps pics of interiors (for what? for a photo album?), but then that she allowed her panicky daughter to film her while she’s doing this…and then had it uploaded to YouTube for all and sundry to view…I guess she got her 2 minutes of being famous. I suppose it says something about our culture and its obsession with fame and notoriety, but I don’t care to know it.

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