In June 1926 the New York City Subway workers went on strike for higher pay, shutting down the IRT and forcing crowds of New Yorkers to mill about waiting for busses, trolleys and other forms of transportation which were suddenly overloaded with riders who usually used the trains. Strike breakers were brought in and the workers were soon defeated, but not before some enterprising (or bored?) chap shot some great footage of the perplexed crowds. Although summer had officially arrived, it was a rainy day, causing many to wield umbrellas while some optimistic souls decided to keep to their summer wardrobe, wearing straw boaters. Everyone is very well dressed–even the kids visible at 5:06–and when the streetcars do arrive people board in a civil, orderly fashion. Where did the superbly turned-out, decent and calm urban resident go? To the suburbs I imagine. After that, I couldn’t tell you…


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