Here’s a drive around Burbank in 1958 shot on 2 inch Quad Videotape. The quality is excellent and the subject matter–a look at the area around NBC–is probably the most glamorous you’ll find in the otherwise arid, desolate and quite frankly depressing wilds of Burbank. A very smart YouTuber–a hell of a lot more versed in this stuff than I–can fill you in on the history of NBC locations throughout LA and of 3000 W. Alameda in particular. I quoth:

Once the home (one of them, anyway) of Warner Bros., 3000 W. Alameda had just become the West Coast headquarters of NBC a few years earlier.  In the 30s, NBC was at 5515 Melrose.  When NBC Radio City at Sunset and Vine was completed in 1938, NBC vacated the Melrose address, and Don Lee Broadcasting, owners of KHJ radio, moved KHJ in.  Sunset and Vine was NBC’s home through the 40s and into the 50s.  On October 4, 1952, NBC began broadcasting from what they called their “Color City Studios” in Burbank, and the 1st show was “All Star Revue” sponsored by Del Monte, Kellogg’s, and Pet Milk, and starring, among others, Milton Berle, Dinah Shore, and George Jessel.  That facility is what you’re seeing in this videotape.  NBC would be totally vacated from Radio City on Sunset by 1964.  Eventually, the facility was demolished, and the office building that was featured as Charlton Heston and Lorne Greene’s architecture office in the movie “Earthquake” (and was the home of KIIS AM & FM in the 80s) was eventually built at Sunset and Argyle, along with Chase Bank next door.


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