Take a trip to the dark side of yesterday’s humor with ‘Hollywood Night Court’, a 1930 ‘blue’ record meant for private consumption only at parties. The three minute sketch traffics in stereotypes of gay men and female prostitutes, using low-down double entendre to garner its laughs…if indeed anyone laughed at this oddity. Indeed the real interest one might have in this record isn’t for its entertainment but for the ‘meta’ of it all; who are the actors? Who wrote the sketch? Who secretly produced and released it? Where did one buy this? As with ‘blue’ movies of the past, people in possession of such things could be subject to arrest and prosecution on various obscenity charges that, for all I know, are still on the books though no longer utilized. The whole enterprise has a darkness to it, a spooky view of the times. It’s also interesting that the title specifies that it’s Hollywood Night Court. Does this indicate that Hollywood (the city) was already a haven for prostitutes and homosexuals? The answer is…well, you figure it out.


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