Here’s a chronological history of the Desilu logos, starting with ‘I Love Lucy’ and going all the way through…I don’t know. I forgot. But all the shows are here and after awhile it begins to feel like a role call of everything you watched after school in reruns–‘Gomer Pyle’, ‘Dick Van Dyke’, ‘Andy Griffith’, ‘Family Affair’, ‘The Untouchables’ etc. Many of these were not produced by Desilu but were filmed at their facilities, which was the old RKO lot in Hollywood. Here’s something interesting: many of the end credit logos for ‘ILL’ (that’s short for ‘I Love Lucy’) were shown over a visual of whatever sponsor they were then using. One of them is a canned food product called ‘Fluffo’. The can is displayed next to a plate of ‘Fluffo’ which appears to be either pie or dog food. Long after Desi and Lu were divorced the mighty business continued until the late 60s. By then Desi had retired to Laguna Beach–or San Diego maybe?–and Lucy starred in ‘Mame’. After that she went away in a dignified, elder-statestwoman kind of way. After she died the house at 1000 N. Roxbury Dr. in Beverly Hills was pointlessly remodeled. And that’s the end of this post.


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