Given the hugeness of their talent, the above title is ludicrous and reductive to say the least. Lets kick off this early 2024 week with the terrific ‘Jumpin’ Jive’ number from ‘Stormy Weather’. You have to sit through a minute and a half of Cab Calloway (not an easy task) until the Nicholas Brothers show up but it’s worth it. (Yes, you can fast forward but their entrance is such a relief from Calloway’s dreadful routine that it makes their appearance all the sweeter). The Nicholas Brothers names were Harold and Fayard–Harold is the one who looks like he should be named Fayard and Fayard’s the one who looks like a Harold. Their splits are breathtaking and rather difficult sometime to watch. Once somebody asked one of them how they managed to do that routine without hurting themselves and the answer was: ‘Oh it hurts plenty!’


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