Here’s a very nice combo/medley of the Nat Cole trio in 1946 performing a two songs, ‘It’s Better To Be By Yourself’ and ‘Solid Potato Salad’. As in yesterday’s clip the outstanding guitarist is Oscar Moore but this time the bassist is Johnny Miller. At 1:20 there are some excellent closeups of Nat’s hands and Moore’s hands playing some ferocious runs–soundies generally don’t give enough attention to this kind of detail, preferring usually to focus on the cute chicks on the sidelines digging the band. Which brings up the issue of what this clip is from. It’s not listed as an individual soundie on Cole’s IMDB page, nor does it include the opening and closing credits as soundies usually do. Since the year given is 1946 my guess is that’s it’s lifted from a feature released that year called ‘Breakfast In Hollywood’, a movie featuring a number of popular acts (including Andy Russel and Spike Jones). I’ve never heard of the movie before but would love to find it somewhere. Anyone got any ideas?


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