No, I didn’t in fact get that review, but I have reason to be modestly proud of the reception of my three and half years in the making documentary “Tis Autumn: The Search For Jackie Paris”, which opened last Friday in New York City to all around (mostly) excellent reviews.

But what can you do with good reviews, other than plaster them on a DVD box? Truthfully, you still need a MetroCard to get a ride on the subway, and most people who run snooty restaurants still won’t let you in without a reservation and a jacket. You can, however, post them on your blog and that’s what I intend to do. First up is the most recent review, from yesterdays edition of the trade mag The Hollywood Reporter.

Want more? I rather like this piece from TV Guide.

John Andersen in Newsday weighs in with an opinion that, frankly, I agree with.

But who doesn’t delight in the isolated pan amongst the glowing notices? Alas, I’ve yet to get a flat out pan on this movie (thought the TimeOutNewYork notice was a little cool. But I didn’t take it personally since the writer is, like most TONY staffers, probably under the age of 21). Still, the critic in Slant Magazine manages to kick my last movie, “The Thing About My Folks” hard in the shins before praising this one. Check out the opening sentence (and, for that matter, the rest of the review).

The New York Times and New York Post reviews were also very good, but enough’s enough. After all, when I get bad reviews I claim not to care, so why be more of a hypocrite than necessary? I’ll end with a couple of very good links. Here’s a very good blog by Marc Myers called Jazz Wax, who wrote about the film yesterday.

And check out this podcast interview with me (complete with clips of Jackie singing), courtesy of Lois Gilbert’s excellent site JazzCorner.

Movies Til Dawn will now return to its usual programming of pithy comments about music, film, dance and anything else that helps me procrastinate, supported by the inevitable (and invaluble) youtube clips. And I’ll be posting more regularly again now that my life in show-biz is, once again, temporarily suspended.


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