This is a real find–a lovely ten or so minute travelogue style journey around Greenwich Village featuring lots of the fashion of the time and plenty of views of streets and buildings that are all pretty much still there. From the look of things I think we’re in 1968–a close inspection of the posters for acts appearing at the local joints could clear that up (if you’re the sort of person who needs things like that cleared up…like me).

I lived in the Village on and off for a total of ten years at three different addresses: 124 MacDougal St. (lousy fifth-floor walk-up studio), 179 West 4th St. (super-boho rickety duplex over an awful bar called ‘Down The Hatch’) and 154 West 13th St. (fat, prosperous duplex in brownstone). The first and third were only for about a year each while the West 4th street digs ate up most of my time in the Village. It was a perfect cliche Village aerie–if you needed to build a set of an old-school alternative Village pad (complete with giant artist window on the top floor) it would have been my apartment. I’m not entirely sure why we left our splendid spot in the Village but once gone there was really no going back, even though we tried that one last time on 13th Street. For reasons even more mysterious to me, we left that one to move to L.A. Why? Why why why why why? I’ll never know. Perhaps it’s because (to borrow a phrase from a writer whose name I can’t think of) ‘the Village isn’t an address. It’s a time in your life…’


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