Here’s a clip from a variety show called ‘Fanfare’ of Allan Sherman and Peter Noone of Herman’s Hermits doing a little lyric-swapping routine using Sherman’s sequel to his ‘Hello Muddah Hello Faddah’ song. (There’s a fun clip somewhere that I can’t find of Sherman on another variety show introducing that song by saying ‘Now I’m going to do a medley of my hit.’) Noone plays along charmingly and Sherman is such a docile and friendly stage presence that it’s hard to imagine him as the tumultuous self-destructive man he apparently was in real life. It’s nice finding these live performances of Sherman–I, like most people who know his work, associate him almost entirely with his LPs–they were staples of my youthful comedy album listening along with ‘The Button Down Mind of Bob Newhart’ and ‘2000 Year Old Man’ (natch). Ah, the comedy album. The comedy album is dead. Long live the comedy album…


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