Here’s a smoking hot duet with Ann-Margret and Tina Turner doing a medley of songs from a 1975 television special called ‘Ann-Margret Olsson’. The show was filmed in London while both promoted the movie ‘Tommy’. There’s a little intro which shows us the two women hanging out as friends dressed in peculiar old-school costumes and jawing about how they could leave the business and not miss it for a second. This soon gives way to a kicking seven and a half minute medley featuring both women in super-tight jeans (was this special at the time?–it feels a little pre-Sassoon), Ann’s being cutoffs. Yeah baby. (It’s possible this was performed twice because on the promotional picture they wear dresses similar to Tina’s ‘Acid Queen’ cover.) This is Tina one year before she scuttled Ike but it’s possible trouble was already brewing; the credits apparently listed Ann’s guests as Ike and Tina Turner but come showtime there was no Ike. Who cares? Ann and Tina are all you need to rock out heavily in this perfect time capsule of mid-seventies energy and joyous pop vitality.


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