My research project this week in all about Annette Funicello. Since I’m loathe to rewatch any of ‘The Mickey Mouse Club’ shows I’m beginning with post-MMC Annette, though pre-Frankie Avalon. This is right between the two Annette’s–1961 is a couple of years prior to ‘Beach Party’–and she’s still the wholesome Disney girl whose most audacious appearance thus far is this ridiculously innocuous number called ‘The Rock-A-Cha’. In two years she’d be bearing her navel (to Disney’s outrage but to producer Samuel Z. Arkoff’s delight) in the Frankie and Annette beach party flicks. But let’s start with this Annette…and maybe on Wednesday it will be ‘anything can happen day’ and I’ll revisit the early Mouskateer incarnation of Annette.


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