I can’t make a great case for the above credit sequence for the 1965 Frankie Avalon/Annette Funicello beach romp ‘Beach Blanket Bingo’ being especially interesting. But it’s certainly a relief to see the adorable Annette acting her proper age as opposed to yesterday’s creepy view of her on The Mickey Mouse Club. Question: if this is the credit sequence, why aren’t the actors listed? The movie’s title and writers/producers/director are all featured. Was the film so quickly and shoddily made that they simply forgot to put in a bunch of credits in their rush to jam it into theaters? Buster Keaton has a nice little cameo at the end of the sequence. It always gladdens my heart to see him turn up in these later performances–his star shone so brightly in the 20s and his fall was so horribly precipitous. But the old stage trouper in him was still happy for the work and showed up, unembarrassed and ready to do the best he could in the circumstances. I like to think that Keaton the pragmatist put as much effort into these late cameos as he did in ‘The General’. Of course he didn’t. But it sounds good…


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