Well, no, not exactly. But she did guest on ‘Playboy After Dark’ in 1970 and do this weird and groovy dance in what looks to be her green pajamas. I like digging around the margins of Barrie–everyone knows her as Fred Astaire’s partner, but clearly an appearance like this one was an attempt to stay ‘relevant’ (as the saying now goes). These things don’t always come off with her (the routines, not the pajamas) but she gets bonus points for committing fully and trying to make things work that might well have seemed to her to be doomed from the start. Professionalism, however, trumps all in the eyes of dancers of a certain period and Chase’s beginnings as Jack Cole’s assistant in the hard-ass world of MGM dance choreography clearly made her worthy of Astaire who was the toughest of task masters. By the way, Fred tried staying relevant in ‘The Towering Inferno’ and look what that got him…still, he tried.


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