Every day, based on my recently watched videos, YouTube spits up a bunch of suggestions for other videos I might like. I guess the absurdity of the past few days Piano and Organ Emporium ads somehow suggested to the algorithmic powers that be that I might enjoy re-connecting to one of my childhood favorites and took me back to the 1970s where movies on Channel 11 (KTTV in Los Angeles) were regularly interrupted by Cal Worthington, a car dealer in Orange County. Cal was a personable, fast-talking southerner who bought up loads of air time and had a bunch of silly gimmicks, including his dog ‘Spot’ who occasionally made a guest appearance. The longish commercials featured looks at the inventory on the lot, all of it as bland and depressing as cars from the 70s could be. Honestly his prices don’t seem to be all that competitive but Cal hocks you so hard that, like all good salesman, he gets you to a point where you want to buy something just to make him go away. This commercial makes me idiotically happy–a true time transport to a time in my life that was free from worry, strife, fear, exhaustion…and Donald Trump.


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