I have been on a mission for archival footage and home videos of City Island for the past couple of days. The search is starting to reveal some treasures, like this beautiful antique box from Tex, a lovely lady two doors from our set house, who persuaded her niece to rummage through the basement for all these reels of 8mm home movies from the late 50’s. This is a dream, my holy grail.


What I have learned about City Island is this: if you ask, people will most likely help. They still have the time and the trust to spare. Who today could believe that someone would lend their memories to an utter stranger? Not I, but I have been proven wrong. Yes, I accept my quest, and I shall guard these faded images fiercely.

Now I just need to get my hands on a projector…


We are attempting an outreach to the people of City Island, to accumulate footage for the opening sequence of the film. Keep it local.

– Cecelia Bee.


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