And so on the brink of the first day of filming in the Rizzo house, as all crew members grasp on to the last precious moments of the weekend, we finalise our cast profiles. And boy are we going out with a bang with the smoldering yet fresh Dominik Garcia-Lorido. We have been blessed, not only with a stella cast (from which De Felitta promises to tease a explosive performance) but we have an increasingly gorgeous cast that more than matches the breath-taking backdrop of City Island.
Dominik will let reality stroll on to the silver screen, as she joins her father’s side playing the role of daughter Vivian Rizzo. Some may claim this to be an unfair advantage, yet after the table read on Friday I for one will vouch for their competency, passion and flair.
And they are all SO capable, MORE THAN capable, that watching this film (and this family) begin to congeal in front of the camera tomorrow will be truly compelling.
However, for now I must resolve myself to the last forty winks for a while, but at least I will have a smile on my face.

Cecelia Bee.


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