By popular demand, here are Julianna Margulies and Steven Strait going at it in a car, parked in the Orchard Beach parking lot just outside of City Island. Something screws up halfway into the scene (seems like a sound problem) which breaks the so-called “mood” and causes Julianna to crack up.

In answer to a couple of comments concerning how actors feel about doing love scenes, I think I can safely answer that they all hate it, find it degrading and embarrassing but have never (in my experience) put up a fuss: it’s all part of the game and the best way to do it is quickly and professionally. Most actors who I’ve done stuff like this with like to plan it out very carefully (I think the clinical nature of doing so makes them feel better about the intimacy that they’re faking) and then like to do it quickly, usually with somewhat fewer crew personnel around than usual. Both Julianna and Steven were totally professional about this whole scene–though after one take that I let run on a bit longer than usual, Julianna said (after I called cut) “Jesus, Raymond!”

I’ve never been involved with two actors who don’t like each other who are forced to do one of these scenes, but I do recall a story about Laurence Olivier and Merle Oberon during the shooting of “Wuthering Heights”. She angered Lord O. by complaining to the director that his kisses were “too wet” and that afterward he would shower her with spittle. Oliver responded by yelling, “What’s a little spit between actors, you silly c%#t!” This is the general rule with most actors and I think it applies to sex/make-out scenes as well: part of the game is to be unafraid, human and get in each others faces. An actor who shies away from any sort of contact is looked down upon by his/her fellow thespians. It’s the blood they draw in their particular sport–and touching, yelling, spitting, roughing each other up and (when called for) kissing is a sign of commitment and professionalism.



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