Images by Phil Caruso.
Another of our locations was the Port Authority Bus Station uptown and the George Washington Bridge, Epic stuff. Our stills photographer has been awesome and I want his job, especially because of the box the camera goes in to shut it up and not bother Jan “Friend of Sound” McLaughlin.
Here is his self-titled ‘Art Moment’, back in that distant memory of a place: City Island… Well, I love it, in spite of his self-deprecation. Aye Aye Cap’in!

If I were to ever make a statue of Director Raymond De Felitta it would look something like this photo below. Of course he always is touching his curly Italian bred hair, it is so much fun, like a slinky I guess… What shall he do after the hair trim on Saturday? (Buy the way: Raymond, your barbers appointment is at 11am on Saturday, I know you will read this for sure!)



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