What can I say? Giddy with acheivement I can’t stop the flow of love and appreciation. So more tributes!

Let’s start with…myself. Click here to read a superb and insightful review of my documentary “Tis Autumn: The Search For Jackie Paris”,which opened a few weeks ago in Canada and will make it’s appearence on DVD late this year. This writer, Rick Groen, is now the official author of my favorite review of my own work. By the way, bad reviews are as easily dismissed by me as good ones are embraced. Call me a spineless whore. I laugh at your words.

Zachary Matz, my co-producer, old friend and occasional jazz co-hort (he plays guitar and bass) deserves another major thank you for having had the worst job on the movie and pulled it off. He was locked in an office for most of production juggling the accounts–er, rather, making financial sense out of things.

Kudo’s to Dan Fisher, a great property master (an extremely important and often underrated job) who is also the author of a number of fictitious book titles that gave me great pleasure (see previous posts). My favorite: “Beam Me Up; Dramatic Monologues From Star Trek”. He also digs the same old tunes that I do and even knows the lyrics…

A toast to Tere Duncan, who wardrobed up our actors in excellent fashion, made great choices along the way and kept showing me pictures of various clothing options up until the penultimate day of shooting.

Big time thanks to Phil Caruso, an extraordinarly talented photographer and a presence that you truly want gracing your set.

And Ged. And Andrew. And Glen. And Brendan. And Shannon. And John Greenway. And Rachel Connors. And Johnny and Sorangel and Marina and Kelly and, and…

And to everyone else and everyone I haven’t mentioned, know that I love and appreciate your participation and will not forget your hard work.


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