Idaho. February 1958. A local TV station is broadcasting a show for teen audiences called ‘Seventeen’. A group of teenagers are gathered to demonstrate a new dance that’s all the rage called ‘The Stroll’. With heavy hearts and a stunning lack of enthusiasm they do so. Somehow, somebody somewhere keeps a kinescope of this watershed moment in Idaho television history. And now it’s here for all of you to see, courtesy of the 21st century phenomenon known as Youtube. You’re looking at a group of people who are now 82 years old assuming they’re alive. Perhaps they’re watching as well?

This dance was a forerunner of the Soul Train Line in the seventies. The Stroll was performed by The Royal Teens and was written by Brook Benton. He performed other songs called Endlessly, The Boll Weevil Song and a duet with Dinah Washington, Baby, You Got What It Takes. His last solo hit was in 1970, Rainy Night In Georgia. Enjoy!


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