In September of 1965 the newly internationally famous David McCallum (who died earlier this week at age 90) made an appearance on singer Andy Williams network variety program. The above will show you A) that McCullum was low-key, charming and game for anything and B) that Williams, though popular in his day, is mostly forgotten today for good reason. His kind of bland played well in the living rooms of mid-sixties households but is awfully flavor-free by todays (or any days really) standards. I do dig the set though–the powder blue walls with the tri-chandelier set dressing. RIP Mr. McCallum. By the way, before dismissing Williams entirely it should be noted that he recorded 43 albums in his career, of which 15 have been gold certified and three platinum certified. He was also nominated for six Grammy Awards. So who really cares what I think? 


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