I first met Burt Young (aka ‘Paulie’) in 2012 when I convinced him to do a small but vital role in my movie ‘Rob The Mob’. I won’t go into the whole adventure of meeting this extraordinary man and the friendship that developed and has evolved over the years. That will all be covered in a documentary that I’m finishing up about Burt. Begun shortly after the completion of ‘Rob The Mob’, the doc has been in a state of on-again/off-again development largely due to finances (as well as a couple of other perhaps more pertinent things which I once again won’t go into because they’re covered in the doc). (Are you tired of me speaking in riddles? Or do you enjoy doing the Acrostic every once and awhile?) Above I’ve posted a demo reel for the doc. We plan on finishing it up by the end of the year, at which point all the obscurities in this post will at last become clear (hopefully).


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