As opposed to yesterday’s eastward drive on the Sunset Strip in 1967, today we’ll drive west on the Strip in 1963, starting at the curve near Horn/Holloway. Many thanks to the Youtube poster who put this terrific piece of footage up but I must disagree with their assertion that it looks very different from now. Perhaps it’s just me but I recognize a great many of the buildings. Perhaps more to the point is the singular look of LA’s atmosphere. The nauseating sub-tropical sunlight, the mephitic air, all of it is already on display here in the early 60s. Indeed the air quality at that time was considerably worse than it is now, in spite of the fact that the traffic is so much lighter. But the nostalgia factor is inescapable, even for a former Angeleno with terribly mixed feelings about the place such as myself. I’m happy to see Gil Turner’s Liquor Store on the northwest corner of Sunset and Doheny and am even happier that it’s still there. Think I bought a half-gallon of Smirnoff there on my most recent trip…


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