Here’s a nice little (seven minutes and change) reel of 1974 national commercials. A big part of the pleasure of watching this compendium (at least for me) is observing the gentle yet omnipresent video roll–apparently this was transferred from somebody’s VHS (or Beta?) tape. We see Steve Allen shilling for some send-a-needy-kid-to-camp charity, various pathetic early 70s car commercials (featuring various pathetic early 70s cars), a Hawaiian Punch commercial (now whatever happened to that sugar-bomb of a drink…and did anyone ever really drink one without adding a generous splash of Vodka?). But the most important reason to delve into this time capsule of ads for mostly forgotten products is to witness a commercial in which Salvador Dali demonstrates how Alka-Seltzer works. It’s at…no, I’m not going to say where it is in the line-up. Suffer through the rest of the ads in order to get there, just like I did.


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