This is pure YouTube at its best. Apparently knowing of my admiration for the opening sequence of ‘All That Jazz’ which I posted yesterday, YT dredged up this extraordinary seven minute reel of raw footage of Fosse directing that very sequence and greeted me with it this morning. It must have been shot for a doc about the making of the film, though who knows? (No info about it is given by the YT poster). We see a half-dozen vignettes of Fosse working with the dancers and his camera operator, calmly crafting specific moves he wants to see made between the dancing and the camerawork. Roy Scheider is there too–he’s in the scene so of course he is–but there are several shots of him clearly studying Fosse and his manner, no doubt useful since Joe Gideon (Scheider’s character) is Fosse not so subtly disguised. This one-of-a-kind footage has so far attracted only 417 views in its one-year career on YouTube. Go figure.


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