No, he doesn’t dance in this clip but George Raft at 85 is as suave, cool and charismatic as he was fifty years earlier. This is a very nice interview segment from a Mike Douglas show in 1980–alas Raft died the same year (he mentions to Mike that he has emphysema). Raft left behind no will, and his estate consisted of only a $10,000 insurance policy and some furniture. In the last years of his life, he had lived on approximately $800 a month, a combination of social security and his pension–his personal effects and wardrobe were sold through a classified advertisement listing the lot for $800 in Hemmings Motor News in the fall of 1981. He sounds far from bitter, though. He maintains a gentlemanly, old-world courtliness when he refuses to name the many startlets he slept with–er, dated–finally giving up only Marlene Dietrich. Mike, however, has the goods on him and outs Betty Grable as well as a few others. He also mentions a story about Raft helping out a young chorus girl who was down on her luck and who later became a highly successful actress. Raft won’t give up her name either but Mike helpfully tells us that she later became ‘the biggest female star in television’. Thus we have George Raft to thank for ‘I Love Lucy’–and who knows what else?


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  1. Thank you for posting this. George Raft was real a class act. Years ago they did a film on His life.
    Another great Actor starred, Ray Danton.

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