In our final Glenn Gould post of the week (see previous three if you dare) we find the young piano whiz taking a walk down 57th street in his trademark garb, carry his funny little folded up piano chair that his father made for him and heading for the legendary Steinway Hall. Once there he tries out a few pianos. Why? To buy? Or to use at a specific concert? Don’t know. The two salesmen are delighted to have him there, though one of them is so unctuous and flagrantly flirtatious that it’s hard to imagine Glenn actually completing the transaction with ease. (Add to that the presence of the camera crew and I’m honestly surprised the pianist didn’t walk off the set–er–the store). Young Glenn is a far cry from the strange shut-in paranoiac he’s portrayed as when he’s older. He’s having fun, joshes about and quickly rejects a few of the pianos out of hand. It should be mentioned that at one time Glenn walked into Steinway and was greeted by a salesman or technician with a pat on the back which freaked him out; he was convinced it had dislocated something in his spine which would in turn effect his playing which would in turn ruin his career etc. One assumes the incident happened after this was filmed. Was it the oily younger salesman? Or the elder one who’s not allowed to get a word in edgewise? Glenn threatened to sue but didn’t. And the relationship between artist and manufacturer apparently continued without further incident.


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