I don’t know what the hell this little clip is but I think it’s fabulous. It appears to simply be footage of Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin dancing in a smoky nightclub to their recording of Gainsbourg’s song ‘La Decadance’, intercut with footage of people speaking French with no subtitles. The whole thing is so primitive that the song isn’t present on the soundtrack when they cut away to the conversations, stopping and then starting up again abruptly. Or was this an intentional stylistic choice, part of the mise-en-scene? Is this from a film made at the time? Is it stray doc-style footage that got jumbled together by someone for some long forgotten French television show? Everything Serge does to Jane on the dance floor would now get him either sued, cancelled or both. She seems to be thoroughly enjoying it. Thanks, Serge and Jane, for a lovely week of video gazing. By the way, if you’re reading this entry and haven’t been on this site this week, back up and check out the other Serge/Jane videos I’ve been posting. You’ll be throughly…French by the end of your journey.


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