During the Second World War, most of Walt Disney’s staff of animators and directors wound up being drafted into the service to make army-related films and cartoons. (What kind of cartoons? Animations about the dangers of V.D.? These must have been rather peculiar, don’t you think? A subject for further research). This led to a notable drop in the amount of features Disney released to theaters which in turn led to the Disney studios decision to recycle unused material or material made for short films into a feature called ‘Make Mine Music’. The film is a fascinating selection of eight songs with accompanying bizarro animations, none stranger and more delightful than the above one I’ve posted which features the Benny Goodman quartet playing ‘After You’ve Gone’. The four instruments anthropomorphize into moving figures involved in a chase, a boxing match and…just watch it. It will be the strangest three plus minutes of your day…I hope.


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