Here’s Marvin on a 1965 episode of ‘Hollywood A Go-Go’ singing ‘Hitch Hike’, with some of the most bodacious go-go dancers ever invented backing him up. The single of’ Hitch Hike’ was successful enough to land Gaye his first top forty pop single in 1963 with the song reaching number thirty on the pop singles chart while reaching number twelve on the R&B singles chart.The song sparked a brief dance craze when audience members from ‘American Bandstand’ performed the ‘Hitch Hike dance’. This, however, is not that dance–hey, I gotta save something for tomorrow, right? The backup singers on this record by the way were the Vandellas. And now you may watch the video if you haven’t already…


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  1. Love it. I got to shoot him singing The National Anthem inside the ring before a fight on Wide World of Sports, it was SWEET!

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