One of the great pleasures of watching the Labor Day weekend MDA telethon was waiting for the inevitable mistakes,. bloopers, screw-ups etc. that were par for the course during a forty-eight hour marathon broadcast. Indeed, as the years went on and the featured acts got worse (Joey Heatherton began to actually achieve diva/headliner status, so lowly was the competition) it was the Jerry meltdowns that one eagerly awaited, hoping that the cue card guy/girl would provoke his ire, or the control booth would mis-time cues for station breaks etc. One of my fascinations with Jerry has always been the razor thin line between ‘Good Jerry’ and ‘Evil Jerry’ and nowhere is this more evident than when he gets pissed off on national television during a show that’s supposed to be all about warmth, love and charity. Some enterprising YouTuber has thankfully captured a full twenty minutes of these ‘Evil Jerry’ moments and I highly recommend you make them a part of your Labor Day Sunday. Stay up with Jerry and watch the stars screw up!


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