Apropos of the doc about the making of Billy Wilder and I.A.L Diamond’s ‘Fedora’ (1978) which I posted last Friday, here’s another doc about the making of Wilder’s much more robust and well-known film ‘Some Like It Hot’ (1959) titled “Nobody’s Perfect’. Scholars of Wilder and Marilyn Monroe will hear many of the same nightmare scenarios repeated but for those of you who don’t know the behind-the-scenes travails of this revered comedy, it just goes to show that the most fragrant of flowers can grow in the most arid of soil. Tony Curtis is amusingly gruff, Jack Lemmon is as always personable and charming and Wilder it appears wouldn’t sit for an interview–footage of him speaking at a lecture from some unidentified appearance is what’s available to us in this doc. The famous final line (the eponymous title of the doc) and its creation is discussed with amusing candor by the participants. But to echo Sam Wasson’s observation that putting the burden of the bad behavior of stars on the studio system and the moguls and producers who made the movies instead of the stars is unfair, I must say that I too have grown tired of the too-often repeated refrain that Marilyn was ‘destroyed’ by Hollywood. Her behavior was arrogant, aberrant and inconsiderate and if Hollywood played a role in it, it must be said that she met it halfway at least. To quote a Wilder jab about Marilyn that doesn’t appear in this doc: ‘There are as many books about Marilyn Monroe as there are about World War 2 and there are a great many similarities.’


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