The Youtube artists who calls themselves NASS does extraordinary film restorations, taking documentary footage of street scenes from the past and colorizing, restoring, setting them at 60 frames per second and adding ambient sound. The result is footage of cities from the 1920s, 30′, 40s etc. that looks so real that it almost doesn’t look real at all–in other words, since we’re used to seeing footage of this era in either black and white or in faded (at best) color, we picture the past as looking like that and not like this. There are street scenes shot in Westwood at the beginning of the reel that look like elaborate recreations of period L.A. from an expensive period piece. Quite stunning all of it. For a little guidance as to the locations you’re watching, I’ll quote a Youtube commenter named Haineshisway:

Looked like Westwood to me and at 1;56 we can confirm that it is – Kelly Music 1041 Westwood Blvd. Building is a cultural landmark and still there. All the houses that follow are Westwood. When it goes to night, we’re downtown LA 1937. Champagne Waltz opened on February 4th at the Paramount downtown but not on this double bill so not quite sure what theater that is – still researching. Completely baffling. The Young in Heart came out in late November of 1938, so why the previous year’s Champagne Waltz is top billed is the enigma. Solved. It’s 1942! The theater is the Olympic – we’re driving on 8th and the Maxwell House Coffee shop is 8th and Broadway. The key to the theater was the small side of the marquee’s Merritt Building – on B’way and 8th. Whew!!! Week of March 4, 1942. I need a drink.


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