Here’s a little treat for you. Some color footage shot of the 1938 Oscars, giving us views of Frank Capra (bouncy, bubbly and looking rather like Chaplin did when he wasn’t suited up as the Tramp), W.C.Fields (who never appeared in a color movie, thus making this a rare view of the great man), Luise Rainer (who won for ‘The Good Earth’) and the mysterious and very beautiful Louise Tracy, wife of Spencer who won for ‘Captains Courageous’ but who for some reason was a no-show at this event (ahem…) Capra, who lost the best director Oscar (for the now too-boring-to-watch  ‘Lost Horizon’) to Leo McCarey (who won for the never-gets-old screwball comedy ‘The Awful Truth’) engages in some friendly horseplay with McCarey, each of them trying to grab the Oscar from each other. As I write this, Oscar voting has eight hours left to go before the polls close. I really ought to watch some of those screeners piled up next to the TV…


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