In 2002, my new friend Peter Bogdanovich and I decided to make a CD of songs from the American popular songbook. We both loved the standards from the 30s/40s/50s and Peter was, believe it or not, a pretty good singer. We’d been getting together at my apartment for the past few months and playing together and one night, at a party I gave, a fellow named Mark Lipsky heard us and insisted on financing an independently produced CD. I’ll explain all this in greater detail on my upcoming podcast tribute to Peter but the punchline is…we actually did it! The CD never got commercially released but its around–apparently it sells on eBay for fifty dollars or more. As part of the promotional materials for the CD my friend Tom Hayes (who introduced me to Peter–his father, Harold Hayes, was the editor of Esquire Magazine in the 60s and gave Peter his first big break as a journalist) shot, produced and edited a couple of videos of us in the recording studio. The above one is Peter ‘It’s Easy To Remember’ with some help from Dean and Jerry…you’ll see what I mean if you listen through to the end.


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