Salvador Dali V. ‘What’s My Line?’

If there need be any proof that the ancient and still-charming TV game show ‘What’s My Line’ was as fixed as other quiz shows of the period (and I know that’s a burning question in most people’s minds), then the above excerpt of an episode featuring Salvador Dali will answer the question with a definitive YES. Dali makes a complete hash out of the entire show–intentionally I’m sure–and creates so much confusion that there’s no possible way anybody could get close to guessing his identity/profession given his answers. And yet after nine painful but hilarious minutes Arlene Francis ludicrously guesses his identity. But who really cares about the big fix? The joy in this clip is in Dali’s treachery, his mockery of the show and the host John Daly’s exasperation with how his guest is screwing them all over. What better way to celebrate Xmas Eve than with a game show meltdown courtesy of one of the 20th century’s greatest artistic enigmas and provocateurs. Now where is that glass of eggnog…


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